Sporadic Reflections

Jun 2

This article is a must read…

Not only for those in the healthcare professions or in economy departments all over the country…

But also for you, ..personally!!

Whether you are sick, been sick, will be sick or know someone who could become sick one day!


Both Democrats and Republicans were very successful in shifting our attentions to: “who should pay the rising cost of healthcare?” ..the Feds or the States or individuals?…

Both were too deceitful to ask the real question, that if find the answer to, the healthcare costs won’t be rising any more: “why is the cost too high? who is unjustly benefiting from the sickness of average Americans?”


If you didn’t already read this, do so NOW!!

..Outrageous indeed.


"The $21,000 Heartburn Bill" page 22

”..If you are confused by the notion that those least able to pay are the ones singled out to pay the highest rates, welcome to the American medical marketplace” page 22

"Hurricane Sandy is costing$60 billion to clean up. We spend nearly that much on health care every week" page 24

(the last paragraph in the article is a great summary, that I dare not quote here!)

Read the article.


Special report: Bitter PillSteven Brill, Time, 4 March 2013, Vol 181/No 8, pages 16-55